There was a time when a game designer’s only concern was to create a fun experience for players. Today, he or she must also take into account the way the game will attract new players in an increasingly competitive market, retain them over the long term and generate revenue. The purpose of this master class is to give you the keys needed to understand how to design a freemium game, no matter its genre, platform or audience.

It will be complemented by a workshop where attendees will develop their own concept for a freemium game under Pascal guidance.


Content :
• Introduction – Why is freemium design so important today? What are its trends?
• Understanding what makes freemium design so effective – The detailed analysis of a successful
freemium title
• Retention – Why is it so important? How to successfully engage players during their first game
sessions and how to keep them in the long run
• The central feature of a freemium title, its monetization strategy – Review of the main ones, their best
uses, their pros and cons
• The shop – Why do we need soft and hard currency? What to sell and at what price
• Acquisition – How to get new players


• Understanding of freemium design essentials
• Overview of monetization, acquisition and retention strategies
• Do’s and don’t’ for the design of the shop
• Key questions to ask oneself when defining the concept of a freemium game.